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Whether you are just starting your practice or are an experienced practitioner, we’re confident we can help you learn healthcare marketing strategies to establish and grow your brand to future-proof your practice.

It's time to grow your practice

We’re healthcare growth strategists with proven techniques to build your brand, rapidly grow your patient base, and future-proof your practice.

We use the terms patients and clients interchangeably throughout our site. While a physician or orthodontist might see patients, a mental health practitioner, holistic provider, or speech pathologist might see clients.

Regardless of terminology, we understand the nuances of the modern healthcare consumer and have practical strategies you can use to grow the number of clients you treat exponentially.

Healthcare Marketing
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Be the provider patients find first

Patients today expect a consumer-like healthcare experience. By utilizing the practiceGRO Method, we help healthcare providers and practices to be easily found and chosen by prospective patients.

The practiceGRO Method is our signature method to elevate your professional success and satisfaction by attracting more of the right patients to your practice. 

G enerate your personal brand
R each patients & referral sources
O ptimize your marketing investment

We utilize our signature method to help you achieve more by focusing on what matters most to your patients

Attracting and retaining patients is essential for all healthcare providers. Growing your practice will require some level of marketing. 

Through the practiceGRO Method, you will learn the most effective online and offline strategies to incorporate into your business.  We help your practice get the most bang for your buck – both in terms of your time, money and effort. We have used this method to help healthcare practices – both large and small – to expand their business.  

What makes us different is we are not selling you a reputation management system, a website, or product. We are offering a proven method you can apply to grow your practice.  It doesn’t matter if you are a new provider, an established provider or part of a larger group. Whatever stage you are in your career, you can apply the practiceGRO Method to attract and retain more of your ideal patients.

Not just any patient – but the ones you most enjoy treating!

Discover how you can expand your practice at every stage

New Provider

I’ve completed all my training, passed my certification exams, and am ready to treat patients.
How will patients find me and how can I get them to choose me?

Established Provider

I’ve been in practice for a few years, but I am still not attracting enough of the right patients.
How can I attract more of my ideal patients?

Speciality Practice

I am part of an established practice facing increased competition and market pressures. 
How can my practice continue to grow and attract new patients?

#1 Mistake Healthcare Providers Make

Are you making this costly error?

In this fantastic (and free)  training you’ll discover what this costly mistake is and a straightforward path to avoid it and rapidly grow your patient base.