Exponentially Grow Your Practice with your Ideal Patients

Build Your Brand to Grow Your Practice

While you’re highly educated and talented in patient care, you probably never learned why building your practice through personal branding is crucial. What does it mean to own your brand?

Your name is your brand.
You want to own and protect it - particularly online.

Future-Proof Your Practice

so WHEN life throws you a curveball, your practice is well-positioned

Many providers struggle to gain greater patient loads and increase their revenue – especially when they first started out or after they moved or changed practices.  Take action NOW, to build and protect your brand.

The Top 3 Factors

influencing whether prospective patients will pick you or another provider:

1.  Online reviews
2.  Referral by another trusted medical professional
3.  Referral by family or friend

Source: RepuGen Patient Review Survey 2021

Competition for Patients is Online

1 %

of healthcare consumers search online for healthcare and medical providers

1 %

of providers are aware of the importance of a solid online reputation, but most don’t know how to change it positively

1 %

of consumers under 40 will choose their next medical provider based on a strong online presence

The most common reasons you might choose to change where you practice ...

As we learned through the pandemic, no one knows what the future holds. By future-proofing your practice through personal branding, you are taking action now to ensure your healthcare practice will continue to thrive when life throws you a curve ball and your situation changes.


New Geographic Location

Career Advancement

Dissatisfied with the current work environment

Changing practices throughout your career is extremely common

70% of physicians across all specialties change jobs within five years of starting their first job.
54% of healthcare providers plan on an employment change – according to a March 2021 survey conducted by Healthleaders.

New Provider

I’ve completed all my training, passed my certification exams, and am ready to treat patients. How will patients find me and how can I get them to choose me?

Life is busy – we get it!  This self-paced option is perfect for learners who prefer to work through the course materials at your own pace.  

The New Provider Package includes:  

  • One 30-minute 1:1 strategic planning kickoff call 
  • Lifetime access to course content and all updated materials
  • Online support for questions related to course content 

Established Provider​

I’ve been in practice for a few years, but I am still not attracting enough of the right patients.  How can I attract more of my ideal patients?

Accountability and coaching truly matters when striving to be the best in your field. With the VIP package, participants will follow a structured cadence to work through the 6 week practiceGRO Marketing 101 course.

The Established Package includes:

  • One 30-minute 1:1 strategic planning kickoff call
  • 6 weekly group coaching calls for an hour to review course concepts and address your specific questions
  • Lifetime access to course content and a private online community of fellow healthcare practitioners to discuss marketing challenges, share lessons learned, and have questions addressed
  • Bonus: One hour 1:1 private consultation with a practiceGRO principal at end of the course

Specialty Practice

I am part of an established practice facing increased competition and market pressures.  How can my practice continue to grow and attract new patients?

You want to take your practice’s marketing game to the next level, but are limited on time. This course option is perfect for practitioners who have office staff they want trained on marketing best practices.  

This package offers everything included in the Established Provider package, plus:

  • A marketing plan built specifically for your practice
  • You can designate who at your office will implement the plan
  • Bonus:  6 weeks of 30-minute check in calls with you office staff to keep your marketing plan implementation on-track and to address any questions your staff might have

Our approach to practice growth is holistic and unique.

The Practice GRO Method

Our signature method will elevate your professional success and satisfaction by attracting more of the right patients to your practice.

The 3 Stages

We focus on three key stages to
strategically grow & future-proof your practice:

G: Generate your personal brand

R: Reach patients & referral sources

O: Optimize your marketing investment

practiceGRO Marketing 101

The most critical course you missed in all your healthcare training.

Learn how to apply the marketing fundamentals you must embrace to establish, grow and future-proof your practice.

What will I learn in this course?

Healthcare marketing best practices without the expensive agency fees.

This course will teach you strategies to become the most sought-after local provider in your specialty without a massive marketing budget.  You will learn how to implement proven marketing techniques, with the checklists, templates and resources included, to quickly and cost-effectively launch your personal brand, get online, and rapidly grow your patient base without expensive agencies that take forever.

This training is designed for practitioners on a budget with limited time to dedicate to marketing. You won’t need an expensive agency that takes forever. Instead, you, an office manager, or a helpful spouse or friend can implement all the growth strategies we teach. Whether you implement the strategies yourself or hire it out is your decision. 

By the end of practiceGRO marketing 101™, you will know exactly what steps to take to own your personal brand identity, grow your patient base, and future-proof your practice to thrive as your life and career evolve. In addition, you will leave this course confident in the marketing strategies required to grow and maintain your practice.

Course Objectives

  • Establish your brand
  • Position yourself as the premier provider for your service
  • Differentiate your practice from competitors
  • Promote your practice as “what the healthcare experience should be”
  • Grow your practice through cost-effective, multi-channel marketing approaches
  • Create a loyal patient experience
  • Be the first choice for your speciality

#1 Mistake Healthcare Providers Make

Are you making this costly error?

In this fantastic (and free)  training you’ll discover what this costly mistake is and a straightforward path to avoid it and rapidly grow your patient base.